Turkish Muslim Troops Stop Church Services in Cyprus on Christmas, Defrock Priests Mon Dec 27 2010 16:20

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 More Islamic supremacism from the reislamicized Turks with imperialistic aspirations of an Ottoman Empire. The local Cyprus TV and radio are reporting since Christmas evening that troops in northern occupied Cyprus entered at least seven Greek Orthodox churches, stopped the worship services, threw out the people, and in at least one case forced a priest to remove his clerical dress.

Why are the Muslims occupying Cyprus? Dreams of an Armenian genocide redux?

Protests to EU and UN (hat tip Grace)

NICOSIA - The Cyprus government has protested to the United Nations and the European Union over an illegal act by the breakaway regime in the areas of the Republic occupied by Turkish troops to stop a religious service on Christmas day at the Turkish-occupiedvillage of Rizoparpasso, where Christian Orthodox Cypriot live as enclaved. 

In a written statement issued today, Cyprus Government Spokesman Stefanos Stefanou says the occupation regime’s act was “completely unacceptable and condemnable. It constitutes a violation of one of the basic human rights as it is the exercise of religious duties”.

At the same time, the Spokesman adds that this act “projects the oppressive substance of the occupation”.

Stefanou announces that the Cyprus government was making demarches and representations to the United Nations Organisation and the European Union.

From the Greek site Signal Alive:
Mr. Homer said that yesterday's action shows once again the "goal of the occupying Turkish and subservient to the T / C leadership is the complete dehellenisation and the disappearance of any Christian presence in the occupied areas of Cyprus."
The police invaded the Church of St. Caution (St. Sinesiou) in occupied Rizokarpaso, stopped the Divine Liturgy, sealed the church, pulled out the faithful and ordered thepriest to take off the vestments of the joyful birth of Christ. And it didn't stop there.  Thepriest of St. Sunday (St. Kyriaki) was notified not to go to work. The ultimate violation of religious freedoms. 
The reason: that they had not filed a request for a permit.

The Archbishop Chrysostomos rejected this, noting that the typical program for operations in the Occupied Area is submitted at the beginning of each month, to which he added as requested for Christmas services. 
But this is not the only provocative act of the occupation regime. This morning, the occupying authorities have prevented the authorized priest of the Church of the Holy Trinity Giallousis to go to the temple to celebrate the Divine Liturgy of Christmas . Father Konstantinos Papakostas, who once a month goes to the Holy Trinity Church in Rizokarpaso, was ready to go yesterday Rizokarpaso to celebrate the birth  of Christ.
Father Konstantinos is authorized  by the United Nations, the EU, Cyprus, the Archdiocese and also from Turkey to conduct services in the Holy Trinity Church. This time, the Turks said that the submission of an application should have been done a month ago.

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